When it comes to professional success as a rideshare driver, what separates the average from the awesome? Our pros here at CoachDee have determined that there are four critical ingredients every new rideshare driver should have, or strive to develop, in order to get off to a great start with their work. 

Read on to see how your skills currently stack up, and if there’s a trait you don’t feel confident about, or you just want to elevate your performance in all areas of your driving abilities and rideshare app rankings, be sure to check out our specialized courses and training programs for rideshare drivers and carpool service providers.

The 4 Essential Traits Every New Rideshare Driver Needs:

  • Willingness to Learn
  • Willingness to Change
  • Willingness to Coach Another
  • Willingness To Bond With Customers

Willingness To Learn

Before anything else, a driver who is new to the world of ridesharing app should be able to realize that their knowledge of the industry is limited and has much room for improvement. A good student, after all, is the most likely to make a great teacher down the line. The same is true no matter what you do, and that includes professional driving careers.

You can start your learning journey with resources such as this, but a blog can only scratch the surface of any given subject. Additionally and ideally, you can commit yourself to a more rewarding investment such as an online training program or specialized course designed to instill effective business skills and provide industry insight to new rideshare drivers and carpool professionals. Learn more about what CoachDee offers by visiting our course catalog.

Willingness To Change

Another major feature that new drivers should keep in mind is that ridesharing is not always a static job, but rather one that is almost guaranteed to change and evolve over time. These shifts may be instantaneous or take several months to unfold, but regardless of the duration, a competent rideshare service driver needs to be able to adapt and think quickly on their feet when the situation calls for such a dynamic response. 

For example, you may begin your driving career with one app  — Uber and Lyft are the largest and most well-known ridesharing companies, but there are dozens of others too — but come to find, due to any number of factors, that you need to switch to another service platform. This will understandably require you to become familiar with the new app, its navigation tools, and its process and procedures, such as protocol for how drivers should accept or deny rides from a prospective rider. 

Willingness To Coach Another

Learning and growing are two sides of the same coin, and together they often lead directly to our third recommended value for new RideShare drivers: the willingness to coach another person. This is important because it shows an ability, whether innate or intentionally developed, that you as an individual have the self-confidence and sufficient expertise to instruct another driver on the best practices and techniques of the trade. 

RideShare coaching can also help you out financially. Whether the ride-hail app company that you work for offers bonuses and kickbacks for new driver referrals, or you’re simply trying to set up a side-gig as a RideSharing instructor, there’s pretty much no disadvantage that comes attached to coaching skills.

Willingness To Connect With Customers

Whether you’re traveling 5 miles or 50 miles, you should treat every rider in your “shared” vehicle as a respected customer and a respectable human. Furthermore, it’s important to have great communication and listening skills. Many riders will give their Uber or Lyft drivers glowing reviews and ratings after just a few minutes of quality conversation, so don’t discount a discussion with a passenger just because they’re not traveling as far as the last trip you completed. 

When customers feel connected to their service provider, even if said service is something relatively “everyday” such as vehicular transportation, those passengers are likely to reward the professional who delivered on-demand or exceeded their expectations. So don’t be shy, and strike up a conversation with every rider that you can. A few words on the way to their destination can mean a big difference in tip payout after arrival.

Want More Tips For New Rideshare Drivers? Enhance Your Career With CoachDee

If you’re a new driver for a ridesharing app or service, you stand to benefit from enrollment in virtually any and every training program offered by CoachDee. If you want to make the most out of your time and effort as a driver, whether you work with Lyft, Uber, or another ride-hailing app, enroll now in one of our courses at CoachDee702.com.  

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