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Award-Winning Rideshare Driver & Course Developer

A Three-Time Award-Winning Las Vegas RideShare & Delivery Driver! CoachDee has completed over 19,000 Las Vegas pickups/dropoffs and has produced $1000’s in Passenger-Driver Referral Commissions from Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Vipkid, and other such platforms since the early 2015 Rideshare days!

Established in 2016:

CoachDee was asked to express his concern over unaware drivers servicing under-aged passengers on Las Vegas Fox5 morning news!

It didn’t take long for CoachDee to bring home the lyft passenger referral ambassador of the week award once the Option was presented to top drivers in 2016!

las vegas Lyft 3 year anniversary brought teammates out for some good ole r&R at the new 2017 hub!

Derrick “CoachDee” Smith
unanimously voted driver of the year by Las Vegas Lyft leadership and admin team!

CoachDee giving back love to those who helped him get to the top at the 2019 award ceremony at the candy factory!

CoachDee practicing his B.E.S.T Customer service system with well deserving passengers

coachDee was born on the South Side Chicago in the Argail Gardens projects. When he was 11 years old, he had to drive his drunk uncle’s 1985 van back to the house from LakeShore Drive before his granny started worrying! he believes that was the first taste of what livery driving can do for a young person!

By 17, he got lucky working as a Tour Bus Driver for an audio engineering company named Sound of Authority with my great mentor Ernie Greene. Three years on the road with artist like Gladys Knight, O’Jays, Patti LaBelle, Biggie Smalls, 2 Live Crew, Nas, etc.. it allowed him to see the beauty of this great country and what it could offer him one day.

At age 20, he got his first CDL to drive as a Professional School Bus Driver, in order to save up for his upcoming college experience at Clark Atlanta University in 1995. in early 96, he was nominated for a position on the olympic staff as a vip driver for olympic athletes and referees.

During that 96′ summer he sought out respectable limousine companies and Olympus Limousine was his choice (many great limo stories in his upcoming book). Immediately following that 96 Olympic summer, he wet home to Chicago to immediately pack his belongs for to start his matriculation in the ATL! 

By 2002,  decided to disconnect from the international news industry as a CNN Web Editor, CoachDee decided Going back to his love for driving and his vehicles like tractor trailer, he found the right time to go trucking.

The training he received by TransAm Trucking is an important inspiration for this RideShare training program because of the seriousness brought by his instructors.

coachDee says, They used to say all professional drivers are in the “Please Don’t Kill Nobody Industry!”

Sounds harsh but coachDee still agrees with its subtle threat to unfocused Drivers. 

Finishing up his Tractor Trailer Driving time around 2004, he returned to Chicago for more limousine pickup drop off work with the Wall Street suits.

Time rolled on and after another 5 year stint in the south, attending Alabama A&M University, he migrated over to Las Vegas to teach special education where he found the RideShare industry. And the rest is still history in the making!

Coach Dee 702 – Award-Winning Rideshare Driver & Course Developer

Our courses offer great insight into the RideShare world to help you develop valuable skills to improve performance. This multiple-step course will offer you the necessary information to increase tips and make more money in your RideShare Business. Become a member and try our course today!


CoachDee’s mission is to get all RideShare and Delivery Drivers up to 5 Star status, which inevitably gives the driver more tips and the passenger a more professional experience!


CoachDee702 decided to create the company once he saw too many good drivers with potential, make fixable RideShare customer service mistakes. 

Driver Values

Practice With Intent to transform!



Do you want to be your own boss? I can help. 

At Coachdee702, I offer rideShare driver training to help you develop a sustainable and profitable career. 

The course is aimed at two groups of drivers: those just getting started as well as those who are experienced but want to earn even more efficiently than before. 

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